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AEGIS contacted Omnia to help put their London Market business on the map. Omnia recognised LinkedIn as an area of opportunity to grow the company’s profile.white star - omnia

As a consequence, Omnia and AEGIS rescoped their LinkedIn presence, taking a more culture-forward approach and putting the spotlight on their people.

The outcome

We reshaped much of AEGIS London’s communication programme to focus on social media as the primary outlet. Stories were reset to always include a visual element, and to include human interest at their heart. The AEGIS London LinkedIn presence has expanded tenfold since the strategy was introduced and their pages have consistently received excellent interaction on posts.

The halo effect around the market has been noticeable, and, importantly, staff now have a fantastic platform to share their individual achievements and help to grow the brand at the same time.

“What a fantastic team to be a part of!”

Timothy Bradshaw

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